The International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) is a worldwide association of agricultural economists and others concerned with agricultural economic problems, including problems related to the use of renewable resources and the environment. Its broad goal is to make a difference through:

  • Fostering the application of agricultural economics to improve rural economic and social conditions.
  • Advancing knowledge of agriculture's economic organization.
  • Facilitating communication and information exchange among those concerned with rural welfare.

The IAAE flagship conference – International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE) – is held every three years and attracts about a thousand colleagues from around the world. The 30th conference will take place on Canada's West Coast, in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, July 28 - August 2, 2018.



January 15 2018 Submission deadline for Contributed Papers (Oral and Visual) and Organized Sessions
January 26 2018 Submission deadline for:
  • Pre-Conference Workshop on Capacity Building and Quantitative Food System Analysis
  • Eicher Award
January 26 2018 Allocation of Contributed Papers to reviewers completed
February 23 2018 All reviews of Contributed Papers, Organized symposia and Workshops to be completed
January 2018 Select Awards Committees for Schultz (oral) Westermarck (visual), Uma Lele and Eicher (Africa PhD) prizes 
March 23 2018 Notification of provisional acceptance status of Contributed Papers and Organised Sessions.
Inform successful presenting authors that:
  • Registration is open and that they must register before 15 June
  • They must be paid up members by 15 June
  • They must send an email with motivation to a nv@sun.ac.za if they want a grant
April 13 2018 Deadline for notifying successful grant applicants
June 15 2018 Deadline for Early Bird Registration for all program participants. 
June 30 2018 Allocate papers, posters, panels, symposia to sessions
ICAE 2018 Conference

Contributed paper instructions
Note that the Contributed Paper sessions will normally consist of 12 Oral Paper sessions, 6 Organized Sessions and 4 Visual Paper sessions operating in parallel in the same time slot (sessions 4 and 8 will deviate from this pattern).

Oral sessions
Presenters of oral contributions will be given instructions on the loading of their presentations at a later stage. For now, note that each presentation session will last for 20 minutes. The more time the presenter takes, the less time will be available for the Question and Answer session. Please aim to talk for no longer than 15 minutes to leave enough time. The chairperson of each session will be the presenter of the last paper i; that session, so s/he will keep you to your time very strictly!

Visual sessions
These presentations will take place in four separate rooms, and each room will be equipped with an interactive monitor. In each 2 hour session up to 15 papers will be presented, i.e. you will have at least 8 minutes for your presentation. The monitors are the size of a large-screen TV but touchscreen so that a group of 15-20 people standing around it can all see properly if you design your slides properly. The presenters of these papers are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 3-5 slides (8 minutes for presentation and a question or two during the arranged sessions). Note however that the monitors, each loaded with all of the visual presentations, will be up in those rooms throughout the conference so presenters can also arrange their own presentations to smaller groups as and when they wish.

Grant funding

The IAAE has limited funds available for grants to early career professionals from developing countries to enable them to attend the conference. As promised, those fortunate to qualify for these grants were notified on Friday. If, therefore, you have not yet been heard from us, your application was unfortunately not successful.

The successful grantees were identified by listing everyone who applied for a grant, identifying those who qualified according to the wishes of the donors, then listing the papers according to the scores obtained in the reviews from highest to lowest. In the event that more funds become available I will contact the next person on the list personally, but for now this process has been completed.
Conference theme announced: New Landscapes and New Mandates for Agriculture
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This is the website of the ICAE 2018 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 28 - August 2, 2018. Please distinguish between this website and similar sounding so-called predatory websites. For any questions, please contact us at secretariat@icae2018.com or by phone.
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